Carrington Farms coconut oil, unrefined, cold pressed.


$15.00 for a 540z container found at Costco in Tampa.

Submitted by one of our readers. Lets hear which ones the rest of you all are buying? As many of you know, sifting through the “refined” or “expeller pressed” coconut oil can be laborious, nice to compile a list of good ones for others to see and share.


Remember, even if you are applying it to your skin, you want to use the best stuff. The vitamins are needed to fully effect the skin and lower grade coconut oil producers overheat via expeller presses. You want cold pressed. Please refer to our How To Buy article on the top of the site for a full on buyers guide!

WHAT TO LOOK FOR ON COCONUT OIL LABELS | What Some Companies Don’t Want You To Know.



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