Coconut oil as deodorant. Lets talk about armpits, sweat, cancer, and natural solutions.


Found the most gentle armpit picture we could so as not to ruin the article!

Coconut oil is the perfect solution for deodorant. I know, many of you might be a bit hesitant to take you coconut oil obsession all the way to your precious armpits, the same armpits that can serve as a pendulum between coworkers gossiping and despising you, and well, just not thinking of you (that’s good). You probably currently use one of two items to control the odors that will potentially seep from your armpits: Antiperspirant or deodorant. Lets start at figuring out what the heck these things are (I bet you never really thought of that, did you?).

First off, all sweat is not equal. You have likely noticed that when you get some sweat on you head or on the back of your neck, it doesn’t really smell. You might think it does, but really, it doesn’t. That’s because this sweat is not the same as the sweat that comes from your armpits. Why is this? Well, the greater body sweat (sans armpits) is just fluid. The sweat that comes from your armpits contains fatty acids and proteins. Sweat in and of itself is odorless, but when it is used to metabolize those fatty acids and proteins, the same can’t be said. Essentially, bacteria living on the skin of the armpit metabolizes the fatty acids and proteins. The armpit sweat (and sweat in your genital area) is derived from hair follicles, which is the underlying difference. Babies don’t smell bad. Not just because they are awesome, but because they don’t have hair in those areas, that comes at puberty.


Now, why do we sweat? To cool down. That one is kind of obvious. And well, kinda needed.
So now, what is what here. Well, antiperspirants try to block sweat using aluminum. Deodorants try to neutralize sweat by killing the bacteria that metabolizes the fatty acids and proteins. So, with antiperspirants, they use aluminum salts to block up the pores so sweat doesn’t come out of them, therefore, you never metabolize the bacteria on the skin, and therefore, in theory, you shouldn’t smell. So basically, if you use an antiperspirant, you change the body’s natural cycle. That’s rad. Not. They do so by using Aluminum Chlorhydrate, which in 1993, the WHO found a suspected link between that and Alzheimer’s. In other words, antiperspirants are drugs. Marketing is funny, isn’t it?

Deodorants contain a preservative named Paraben. Paraben is found in tons of cosmetic items, including deodorants. The Paraben is absorbed through the skin. After that? Well, lets talk breast cancer.

So where does coconut oil come into play? Well, you can use it as I do, which is just rub the coconut oil in your armpit and allow the laurie acid contained within the coconut oil to naturally kill off odor causing bacteria. Or, you can use a mix of baking soda, arrowroot powder and essential oil. I just rock the coconut oil alone, it seems to work. It’s natural. Isn’t it worth a try? I mean, it is one more thing coconut oil can do to help you live a more healthy, natural lifestyle.



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