Coconut Oil Detox


How to detox using coconut oil?

Simple. Replace your meals with coconut oil. Whenever you are hungry, take a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil, you could go upwards of 14 a day. Drink water. Like with any fast, you might check with your Doctor. Also, I would suggest working up in days. Maybe just try one day at first and see how you feel. I generally do 2 to 3 days when I do it. Anything past that might get hazy and certainly you should check with your doctor. Remember, you want Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (not Expeller Pressed!!!!). Many bottles hide the expeller pressed part on the bottle, so just look closely. Currently, Trader Joes only has the right kind in stock, so you can’t go wrong there. Whole Food brand, 365, is all Expeller Pressed, but they have other options there that are the right kind. The best kind is organic, raw, extra virgin coconut oil. Also, its an added bonus if you oil pull twice daily. This will help you feel amazing.

by cory hedgepeth – The idea of detoxifying the body is something not really new to our society, it has in fact been heralded by many cultures, both ancient and modern. Because of that, various forms and strategies for detox have evolved. The most simple is a water fast, the most recent and popular now is the juice fast. Each of these particular fast, both intended by many to detoxify, are hinged on an influx and or lack of, carbs. With a water fast, you don’t provide the body with a real sustained energy source. With a juice fast, you overload the body with an energy source in the way of sugars. I believe in order to understand why the coconut oil detox stands supreme, you have to understand the shortcomings of these other detoxes.

First, I am not saying a juice fast or water fast is bad, there have been many success stories from both. What I am saying is that they lack a stabilized system to provide real human energy. They also lack an active healing agent. The juice and water fast work by simply cutting off the supply of toxins (processed foods, cigarettes, booze, pills, refined sugars, environmental issues such as poor air quality). In addition, the juice and water keeps the body hydrated and lubricated, which expedites the process of cleaning out the body. The juice fast became popular due to its additional ability to supply the body with energy and a vast influx of nutrient density. So with the juice fast, it was out with the bad, in with the good, at a high exchange rate. This all sounds good on paper, however, lets look deeper.


Lack of energy on a  water fast leads to extreme fatigue, which leads to irritability and lowered blood sugar. And all this leads to cravings. With a juice fast, you inundate the body with fast sugars. The lack of any source of fiber means the sugars enter the blood stream at a fast rate, which can swing blood sugar vastly. Although an energy source is provided, its unstable. And although the juice provides nutritional density, it doesn’t necessarily provide a cure or healing substance for internal issues.

Coconut oil does.

First, coconut oil provides the most stable energy you can get. Coconut oil is immediately processed by the liver as energy. Unlike a carb situation, having the fat of coconut oil process as energy via the liver means no potential for compromised blood sugar, just a stable energy source. So a coconut oil detox means no real loss of energy, which clearly, is a huge advantage. Coconut oil also quickly flushes the body of toxicity. It has healing properties that are anti-viral and anti-fungal, something a juice or water fast does not provide. Lets look at a few specific cases.

Coconut oil can completely abolish candida. The fuel for candida is sugar. You kill candida by cutting off the body’s supply of sugar. With a coconut oil, the energy is processed through the liver, and is devoid of sugar / carbs. Candida is really common in the western world (US and Europe), probably a result of the influx of processed foods. Lets take a look at all the issues associated with candida: dray itchy scalp, urinary tract infections, inflamed organs, issues with hair and nails, stomach problems, digestive issues, ear-nose-throat. Not a short list. Candida is a yeast overgrowth enabled largely by the ingestion of sugars. Coconut oil is a fatty acid that is anti microbial, anti viral and anti fungal properties. The only other property you can get this in is mother’s milk. And why is it present in mother’s milk? So that it can kill fungus and infections in babies. So coconut oil is two-fold: first, it kills the supply of sugar that enables the candida yeast to grow (pending you detox) and secondly, it fights the yeast. If you want the specifics, here are the properties, each of which are anti viral, anti fungal, anti microbial: capric acid, carpylic acid, laurie acid, caproic acid, myristic acid. That’s a lot of warriors helping to fight the good fight.

Coconut oil can help resolve, for the same reasons listed above,  digestive conditions, such as, irritable bowel (IBS) and leaky gut.

Lauric acid, one of the main properties in coconut oil, is converted to monolaurin in the body. This strong anti viral property can help protect against the flu and even herpes.



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