Coconut Oil Detox


How to detox using coconut oil?

Simple. Replace your meals with coconut oil. Whenever you are hungry, take a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil, you could go upwards of 14 a day. Drink water. Like with any fast, you might check with your Doctor. Also, I would suggest working up in days. Maybe just try one day at first and see how you feel. I generally do 2 to 3 days when I do it. Anything past that might get hazy and certainly you should check with your doctor. Remember, you want Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (not Expeller Pressed!!!!). Many bottles hide the expeller pressed part on the bottle, so just look closely. Currently, Trader Joes only has the right kind in stock, so you can’t go wrong there. Whole Food brand, 365, is all Expeller Pressed, but they have other options there that are the right kind. The best kind is organic, raw, extra virgin coconut oil. Also, its an added bonus if you oil pull twice daily. This will help you feel amazing.


The idea of detoxifying the body is something not really new to our society, it has in fact been heralded by many cultures, both ancient and modern. Because of that, various forms and strategies for detox have evolved. The most simple is a water fast, the most recent and popular now is the juice fast. Each of these particular fast, both intended by many to detoxify, are hinged on an influx and or lack of, carbs. With a water fast, you don’t provide the body with a real sustained energy source. With a juice fast, you overload the body with an energy source in the way of sugars. I believe in order to understand why the coconut oil detox stands supreme, you have to understand the shortcomings of these other detoxes.

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