Coconut oil for dogs! Improve dog and pet digestion, nutrient absorption!


by cory hedgepeth – Coconut oil for dogs is a great idea! When you feed your dog coconut oil every day, it helps to heal any digestive issues your dog may have. Many dogs have digestive issues, which contribute to poor nutrient absorption (yep, works just like in people). When this is the case, supplements, nutrients and what have you don’t absorb into your dog’s body. So basically, lots of pet owners give their dogs nutrients but the fact is, the nutrients don’t do the dog any good. For the same reason every person should eat a little coconut oil every day, so should dogs, if not just for the fact that digestive healing can take place and allow nutrients to do their job and improve the dog’s overall health.

We give our dog, Chopper, a small spoonful a day. We are on the road this morning, but here is a picture of him taking his morning scoop. He loves it. You can either put it in their food or just let them lick it off the spoon. In this case, Chopper got his scoop after his breakfast.


Clearly, he loves it. So that makes it easy enough.

It’s so easy that we did it outside a motel room in Dayton, Ohio while on the road. Not only will this help him with nutrient absorption, but it’s definitely helped him with his coat and his energy. And yes, that’s a Van Halen tour shirt I am rocking. David Lee Roth of course. Happy Friday everyone!



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