Coconut oil in coffee: A how to for weight loss and better health


by cory hedgepeth – Adding extra virgin coconut oil to your morning coffee might be the easiest most effective way to get some coconut oil into your daily diet. The MOST effective way is to just straight eat it, but adding it into your coffee is a great way to infuse health into your diet. If you add artificial preservatives to your coffee, like those high in sugars, replacing those with coconut oil could put you on the weight loss fast track. Those sugary goodies that you might put into your morning coffee are about one of the worst things you can do in terms of weight gain.

Coconut oil speeds up the metabolism. When you increase your metabolic rate, you can decrease what is known as “insulin resistance,” which scientifically is the main driver for weight gain / loss. If you have a low insulin resistance, you are more prone to gain weight and to experience blood sugar crashes. Also, coconut oil slows the absolution of carbohydrates into the body. So, if you add a couple of tbsp of coconut oil to your morning coffee, you will help speed your metabolism up, and you will help the absorption of any carbohydrates you encounter for the first portion of your day.

What does it taste like? The coffee will take on an aromatic coconut scent, the taste will reflect the same. The actual taste of the “black coffee” will remains strong but it will be infused with a coconut flavor. So if you are one that doesn’t enjoy black coffee, you will need to adjust, but that doesn’t take long. Another interesting perk is that your lips will look and feel amazing. With every sip of the coffee, you will receive a healthy coat of the oil. You will find yourself rarely needing chap stick.


Some people find it weird to put it in their coffee the first time. I took some pictures of how I do it and what it will look like for you, so that you can gauge what is normal.

Here is how I do it (when I have coffee). First, I just take a liberal tbsp of it and drop it in the bottom of the coffee mug.

Second, I pour the hot coffee over it. Doing this, in my opinion, helps break up the coconut oil faster and start the process of diluting it into the coffee.

Next I simply stir it around. You can see in the picture that the coconut oil does begin to break up, but the actual coffee will take on a rather textured appearance. This is normal.

If you are one that goes to Starbucks, no problem. Just carry a bottle of extra virgin coconut oil with you and simply put it in your black coffee they give you yourself. You can even keep a bottle at work and put it in when you arrive. I sometimes request a plastic spoon from them : ).




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