Coconut oil in coffee, grass fed butter, a plea for you to really lose weight and get healthy this New Year.


by cory hedgepeth – As I’ve written before, one of the central keys to losing / gaining weight and a healthy / unhealthy lifestyle in the Western diet seems to revolve around coffee. I know that sounds like a blasphemous and ludicrous statement, but the fact is, its typically a primary injection into the human body first thing in the morning (and throughout the day), and its ability to sway from the healthy to the unhealthy with seemingly nominal property changes makes it a both a villain and a hero to our overall health and weight loss / maintenance goals.


When we visit a place like Starbucks, its easy to be fooled into feeling as though all choices are healthy choices. Its no secret my hatred of marketing in this regard, but its an undeniable power. Starbucks has a fancy way of saying “No High Fructose Corn Syrup,” which in reality, is meaningless. They still print caloric value, which is again meaningless and peddles to the people that are slaves to big corporations that want you to continue the addiction cycle. Anyone ever tell a smoker or drug addict to just do “some” and “everything in moderation?” Probably not. Even the Starbucks logo, with its green “eco-friendly” feeling creates a perception of health and prosperity. I don’t mean to go on a diatribe, but it is relevant. And no, this isn’t about avoiding Starbucks (I visit the place), its about learning how to make something work for you.

A coffee, in its plain state, is just that, coffee ground from coffee beans. Unless the caffeine has been “mostly” extracted, its only controversial health factor would be just that. Some decaffeination processes are regarded as unhealthy, but otherwise, we really are talking just about caffeine content. Caffeine in itself has a tendency to spike insulin, which can cause fat processing in the body. It also can cause anxiety. However, if you don’t feel anxious, if you aren’t gaining weight, if you aren’t experiencing increased appetites for carbs, then caffeine seems to work for you. The coffee bean itself has antioxidants, the caffeine has be reported in some studies to help ward off depression. So really, coffee in its innate state, probably just fine for all intents and purposes.

The issue? All the add ons. The typical western diet coffee pleasure is filled with sugar. And because of this, if most people could just cut out the refined sugars (yes, sugar is sugar no matter what they call it), they could start the weight loss regimen simply and easily. The idea is this, eliminate the sugar, increase the fat, the body will burn your own fat. In addition, when you drink some sugary latte in the morning, that sugar goes into your body, turns to fat, and increases your appetite for later. Also, it does nothing for you, it doesn’t serve the body in any beneficial way. And yes, that one pack of creamer, its sugar, and yes, that one pack, its a lot of sugar. They package it to make it seem like a smaller amount.

Everyone always speaks of New Year Resolutions in big, laborious and dramatic ways. They are going to join a gym. They are going to do cross fit every morning at 5am. That’s a lot of hard work. But when you tell people to drop the creamers or fancy Starbuck drinks, they act as if their world has ended. Well lets talk about that for a second. First off, you have to understand, the body will adjust to anything in 3 days or less. If you were to just drink black coffee, you’d be fine with it in 3 days or less (but that’s not the best idea either, as I will discuss in a few). And really, you want to do cross fit at 5am instead of remove creamers from your coffee? That’s really insane if you ask me. But enough about removing, coffee, as I said before, can be a portal to amazing health and weight loss benefits, so why not try that?


We’ve posted on here before about adding in extra virgin coconut oil into your coffee, as well as cinnamon. But one thing I have noticed with this concoction is that people find it boring and really don’t give it a chance to ultimately change their tastebuds, and right back to the sugar injections they go. So here’s another really great idea.

Add in Grass Fed Butter to that same concoction. First, the butter is ultimately a heavy cream, so it can mimic that creamer feel to the taste, which helps many get passed a few days of consumption. Second, Grass Fed butter does amazing things for you! It gives you Omega 3’s, a stronger immune system, more fat (added with coconut oil and you have a great fat burning start to the day) and it helps you lose weight. Please remember, I am saying Grass Fed Butter, not regular butter. There is a great brand called Kerry Gold, you can find it anywhere, I believe. Here is a link to their site. Also, I am not going to bang out a ton of literature on how amazing Grass Fed Butter is, but here is a great article on it written by Mark Sisson. 

I drink it a few mornings a week (decaf for me, I can’t handle too much caffeine). I know it seems crazy, adding butter to coffee, but it taste amazing. And really, why don’t you think back to all that preachy rhetoric you were spilling while drinking champaign on NYE about how you were really going to work hard this year to lose weight. Seriously, you are willing to do “anything” except go to the store, get virgin coconut oil and grass fed butter, and try it for 3 mornings? If you can’t do that, you aren’t ready to be healthier. This year, make your goal to step out of your comfort zone and disallow marketing to drive your every decision. Starbucks wants your money, your addiction, not your continued health and prosperity. Oh and just for the record, if I do go get a decaf at Starbucks, I bring a lump of Grass Fed Butter, Virgin Coconut oil, and I use their in-house cinnamon.

Here is what mine turns out to look like:

This is a tbsp of grass fed butter (kerrygold)
A tbsp of Trader Joes Virgin Coconut Oil
a half a teaspoon of cinammon

This looks good and is good. The cinnamon sweetens it up, as does the grass fed butter.
By putting coconut oil in coffee, you allow your body to consume a good fat that burns your own fat and helps fight cancer, balance blood sugar, moisturize your lips. The Grass Fed Butter provides omega 3’s, immune system support, fights against tumors.

By the way, Grass Fed means the cows eat a pasture centered grass diet. Just so you understand here, when a cow its grains, the grains are stored in the fat of the animal, you eat that fat, that fat is omega 6 heavy (overweight people are overweight on omega 6). When cows eat their natural diet of grass, the fat stored (albeit less fat due to natural eating) is omega 3. People in America aren’t fat on omega 3.

Oh yeah, cinnamon is amazing also, it fights candida. This year, everyone has had the flu. I have not. There is a reason, I don’t live in a bubble. I know this concoction may look gross to you, but if you really are willing to do anything to lose weight, then why wouldn’t you at least try it? What really is there to lose?



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