Coconut Oil pulling: good for you, not for your pipes.


For those of you that have began oil pulling, let’s talk about plumbing. For those of you that have no idea what oil pulling with coconut oil is, start here.


Oil pulling is a great way to improve your dental health, as well as help with a variety of other ailments, such as blood sugar regulation, improved sleep and healing of sickness. But one thing it isn’t good for is your pipes. To the left is a gross picture of the underneath of my deck. You will see its glazed white. We live in Pennsylvania which receives a ton of rain storms, and yet still, that white you see, which is the coconut oil that I spit each time I finish oil pulling, remains. This stuff is NOT good for the pipes, folks. So make sure you either spit it outside, or you spit it in a trash can. Over time, it will build up in your pipes and wreak plumbing havoc.

Oil pulling, it’s amazing, but just keep in mind, it ain’t for spitting in the shower, toilet, or sink : )

Oh yeah, those pretty leaves, that means Fall. Who loves Fall?



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