Hangovers suck. Coconut Oil can make them suck less though.


by cory hedgepeth – Being hungover sucks. But if you plan to go out with your buddies to the bar, or even just share some wine on the kid-free vacation on the cruise ship, hangovers can seem pretty unavoidable. But what people don’t realize about hangovers is that in some ways, they are avoidable. The key is to use coconut oil ingestion, coconut water hydration, and coconut oil pulling. When you drink, you are in essence poisoning yourself. You are creating a toxic situation inside the body. Drinking booze isn’t really as unhealthy as most people would like you to think that it is, but usually it’s not just the booze that’s the issue: it’s everything else that comes with it. When you drink, your body will spike blood sugar. The body will acknowledge that alcohol is entering the blood stream, and just as if you were eating carbs, your body will react. The issue here is that what goes up, must come down. So lets look at this using a hypothetical.

You go to Vegas. Around 4pm you have some wine. Before you have the wine, you are tired, you had to get up early for a flight, make sure the kids were at grandmas, drop the dog off for boarding, you name it, you haven’t had as much sleep as you’d like. So around 4pm, when you do have that wine, what happens? You wake up. Why do you think people will say they drink at night while at a bar? They will say they were getting tired. When that first drink enters the body, blood sugar spike, you wake up. But when you start to experience the crash, you then start craving things like another drink or pizza. Your body is searching for a way to get back the original 4pm high. But as the night moves on, the high from 4pm can’t be achieved again, but you may never stop trying by drinking more and potentially eating carbs. Now, while you are drinking the booze, it is actually depleting you have fluids by forcing urine to excrete. Yep, you are peeing all the time. And dehydrating.


So, two things have happened: You have dehydrated yourself and you have entered a hypoglycemic state. So the only way to actually solve this is to put things in your body that both hydrate you and stabilize blood sugar. The problem? A hypoglycemic state makes you crave carbs and more booze. Ever have a drink while hungover? Yeah, you feel great for like the first 30 minutes. That was always my go-to, I sure loved mimosas back in the day. So now, the actually keys in this are to stabilize the blood sugar, rehydrate, detoxify.

With coconut oil, when you eat it, the healthy fat will help your body absorb and stabilize blood sugar. With coconut water, you can rehydrate without losing vital nutrients. Coconut water makes you pee, but unlike diuretics such as booze, it maintains levels of electrolytes and vital nutrients, all while cleaning out the kidneys. With oil pulling, you can detoxify.

For me, if I ever drink, I make sure I have coconut oil beside the bed. When I get home, I eat the oil, maybe two tbsps, and usually wake up feeling ok. Once I oil pull, I feel perfectly fine. The problem in all of this is that your body really isn’t going to crave coconut oil, it wants more beer and hash browns. This weekend while I was in Vegas, I found it worked like a charm. Remember, it’s all a cycle. If you can break the cycle, you break the hangover.

Of you can just go hit the bar again. Its not the right answer, but it sure can be the most fun. Coconut oil for hangovers is the way to go.


Learn to Oil Pull. Its Free (well you buy the coconut oil), its easy, and not as crazy as you might think. 



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