Oil Pulling For Weight Loss, Gum-Tooth Health, Deeper Sleep. (Video, Text)


by cory hedgepeth – Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil can change your health and life, help weight loss, skin, receding gums, bad breath, you name it. It did a lot for us. I discovered oil pulling one day when I was searching for alternative uses for coconut oil. I figured since I had some, might as well see what all I could use it for. I assumed I could use it on the skin as a lotion, but figured a general search would provide me with some more exacts and potentially expand my horizon a bit.

And that it did. 

Here is my story.

Oil pulling is the act of putting Vegetable oil or Coconut oil in your mouth, swishing it between the teeth for 20 minutes, then spitting and cleaning out the mouth. Oil pulling is linked to curing , insomnia, tooth aches, thrombosis, eczema, bronchitis, bleeding or receding gums, blood sugar issues, PMS, joint pains, the list goes on. For me, it helped with blood sugar, metabolism, skin, appetite, and sleep. Sleep is the best part!

How to do oil pull.


1) Have an empty stomach, best to do first thing in morning. If not, do it at least 1.5 hours since last meal or drink.
2) Pour a lot of oil in your mouth, you should feel the cheeks expand.
3) You swish the oil around in the mouth for 20 minutes.
4) You spit the oil out, you wash your mouth out with warm water as well as you can.

How does Oil Pulling work?

Oil Pulling works because the oil penetrates between the teeth and all the crevices in the mouth, it attaches to bacteria in your mouth over the 20 minute period. When you spit and wash your mouth, the bacteria that normally would have infiltrated your bloodstream is gone.

Are there any side effects?

It is a detox, so…People seem to experience the following between the 2 and 7 day mark of Oil Pulling:

1) Sinus drainage, runny nose, sore throat
2) Trouble waking up in the morning from deep sleep
3) Acne
4) fever
5) Don’t spit it in your sink or drains, it can cause clogging. Spit in trashcan or out in the yard : )

Which coconut oil to buy? It can be confusing. This should help (here) Got questions?

We also have an Oil Pulling category that we update all the time. (oil pulling category)

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