MCT Oil Benefits from Onnit Labs, a review of uses and benefits.


MCT Oil is the fat taken from, most notably, the Coconut. Many of the positive benefits of coconut oil, such as weight loss, immune system boost and energy, come from the presence of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride). With MCT Oil, the MCT portion of the coconut is extracted and served to you in a much denser state. In a perfect world of health and weight loss, one might consider taking both Coconut Oil and MCT Oil on a daily basis. Some of the benefits include a quick energy for the body which is easier for the body to process, therefore, less likely to be stored as fat (unlike its counterpart of Long Chain Triglycerides). MCT Oil burns like a carbohydrate, processing through the liver, with no issue of having blood sugar swings. It’s great for the digestive system, killing evil microorganisms. MCT Oil is thermogenic, it helps add muscle and burn fat.
It doesn’t really have a taste, it is super easy to get down. You can add it to your coffee, or a salad, but as always, I always suggest that you just take it alone to ensure you get the full amount.
This is an excellent supplement to increase health. I wouldn’t suggest replacing Coconut Oil with it, but maybe adding a tablespoon in the morning.



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